The days are ticking down until my first two romance titles are released! It’s been a new experience for me, writing romance, though I’ve written several novels in different genres before now. It’s been challenging to me in many ways. I’m used to creating worlds from scratch, for one thing (fantasy lets you do that), so it’s a little weird not being able to create, say, mountain ranges that don’t exist in the real world. These books are definitely the most challenging that I’ve ever written, and I’m so excited to get them out into the world!

The Great Escapes series is a group of stand-alone novels featuring love stories that take place in different locales around the globe. So far, I’ve only hit two U.S. stops and one in Paris, but give me a little time! Already, I’m planning stories in Cabo San Lucas and the Napa Valley. Can’t wait to get started, but for now, Paris is calling.

Check back here on September 10 for the big release of books 1 and 2!

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