At long last, Lost in Paradise is available today on Amazon! You can pick up your copy HERE for just $0.99.

Here’s the scoop …

Sometimes lost is the best place to be …

Juliet Easton has spent three lonely years getting over her failed marriage. The world has become a scary place to her without a partner by her side, but she tells herself that she’s better off alone. It’s a sad lie she has gradually come to believe.

Eli Owens is still heartbroken over his own divorce, and no matter how many women he takes home from the bar, he can’t get away from the pain.

But when they both find themselves stranded in Cabo San Lucas, they discover the love their broken hearts have been yearning for. Is their connection strong enough to withstand Eli’s secrets?

In celebration of my new release, all of the other books in the Great Escapes series are on sale for $0.99, too! Their links are below.

Happy Reading!

Falling For You

Christmas at the Lake

Between Friends

Lost in Paradise

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